COREMedia Systems Provides Direct Access to ECN

COREMedia Systems Provides Direct Access to ECN Media Services from CoreDirect

Integration Gives Agencies Flexible Options for Communicating with Media

Los Angeles, CA, September 15, 2008— Entertainment Communications Network, Inc. (ECN) and COREMedia Systems, Inc. (CORE) jointly announced today that ECN’s media services for advertising agencies are now directly available through CoreDirect, the direct response software that merges media buy information with ratings, verification data and sales results to instantly analyze campaign performance and ROI.

Effective immediately, advertising agencies that distribute commercial traffic, dub house, telemarketing and verification instructions through CoreDirect can use ECN’s services to guarantee delivery of the information to targeted media contacts.

“CORE agencies can now take advantage of our extensive database of media contacts and guaranteed delivery of information,” said Angela Tietze, ECN’s President, “and with a direct, electronic connection from CORE, documents are cleaner and easier to read when received by the broadcast community.”

ECN tracks contacts at cable and TV networks, TV and radio stations, and cable systems, enabling its clients to target specific personnel at each media outlet. The company maintains a proprietary media database of more than 120,000 names and addresses, which is electronically available to its clients.

“By connecting to ECN’s service, our clients no longer have to maintain their own list of media contacts or distribute information themselves,” said Carl Langrock, President of CORE. “Our communications link to ECN gives agencies flexible options for communicating with media and vendors, including email, fax and voice mail delivery of information.”

“We chose to work with ECN because of its 18-year relationship with the broadcast community and the services it offers the advertising community,” Langrock added.

CORE clients can also take advantage of ECN’s other enhanced media services. Through its E*Confirmation service, ECN obtains written verification that each network or station on the buy has complied with agency instructions.

About Entertainment Communications Network: ECN creates and provides communications solutions for media and entertainment companies. The company distributes and collects commercial and program information for ad agencies, networks, major media sources and content providers, through a proprietary database of media contacts located across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Based in Los Angeles, CA since 1989, ECN works with more than 100 ad agencies, which connect to its services through a variety of systems including CORE and Donovan Data Systems. ECN also provides solutions for collecting program and commercial clearances (

Based in Fairfield, N.J., COREMedia Systems Inc. was founded in 1992. The company develops and supports CoreDirect, the most widely used technology in America for the planning, purchasing and analysis of direct-response television commercials.

CONTACT: Glenn DeKraker, CEO, COREMedia Systems Inc.: 973-276-0882, or Steve Ellwanger, Press Counsel Group: 203-856-8303.

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