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We often think of philanthropy as an action. At Response Responsibility we believe it’s a state of the heart.

We started Response Responsibility in 2008 and have since donated over $3mm to provide opportunities that otherwise would be unavailable to children, regardless of their financial status, ethnic origin, or religion.

Response Responsibility encourages and supports the growth of marginalized children by helping to create an environment for athletics, artistic activities, education and wonder.

Many of our major fundraising initiatives have been tied to a CoreMedia Anniversary milestone.

Our 15th, 16th, 20th and 25th Anniversary events raised over $850,000 for both Keep A Child Alive and Good Tidings Foundation charities.

One of the benefactors we partner with, the Good Tidings Foundation, used the proceeds we raised from our 25th Anniversary event to fund the construction of a new Leroy Neiman Art Studio at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY; two new recording studios built in Santa Barbara, CA in conjunction with Kenny Loggins; and the renovation of the Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx, NY with CC Sabathia.

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One person can make an impact on the world.

Change Initiative was started by CoreMedia staff members, to support to promote social justice and equality, and to work with our clients and partners to strengthen these values throughout our industry.

In June 2020 we added an additional branch, Change Initiative, to our Response Responsibility community efforts. Change Initiative’s focus is on creating opportunities for historically marginalized groups in the media and tech industries.

Change Initiative’s initial partnership is with COOP Careers, a non-profit dedicated to overcoming underemployment by working to build a diverse movement of upwardly mobile college grads.

We intend to raise funds to provide scholarships to marginalized youth. We will continue to seek new opportunities for philanthropic giving, that capture the culture of our country.

We believe by helping others, it doesn’t stop with us, it impacts the world.