Welcome to CoreMedia

CoreMedia Systems delivers cloud-based software solutions to media agencies and marketers that include a call to action in their advertising and want to measure their marketing performance and ROI. Our software simply tells you what media worked, what didn´t and if you´re making money.

Our cornerstone system, CoreDirect, is the product of twenty-four years of media software development experience in partnership with leading agencies and marketers. Today, we serve more than 130 clients in North America that manage more than $10 billion in direct response media expenditure annually.

RR The long journey to help others begin with the kindness and the plight for a meaningful cause.

Philanthropy and technology will forever be intertwined. Find a need and fill it. It has always been an inherently important part of our culture to want to give back. In 2010, we started Response Responsibility. We have helped thousands of children benefit from our efforts, now we need your help to continue. It is our hope that by setting an example, CoreMedia will engage other companies to do the same.

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