CoreMedia Integrates with to Enhance Omnichannel Capabilities.

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Integration Automates Purchasing and Analysis of Linear TV alongside CTV and Other Programmatic Advertising

FAIRFIELD, NJ – December 16th, 2021 – CoreMedia Systems has completed an integration with programmatic advertising platform that enables CoreDirect agency and brand clients to efficiently buy and analyze linear and CTV advertising together, along with other forms of programmatic advertising including addressable, mobile, video, display, native, and social.

Founded in 1992, CoreMedia is the leading advertising software technology firm for direct response agencies and advertisers that use the company’s platform to plan and purchase inventory on linear TV, print and radio.

“Our integration with’s DSP removes major barriers our users have faced when placing digital campaigns,” said CoreMedia CEO Glenn DeKraker.

“Now they can place CTV buys on’s platform and the resulting spend and impression data get funneled into our system in near real time. Our clients can avoid all the manual work to bring together results from linear and digital media because the API integration provides a single view of all media channels.”

With the new integration, CoreMedia clients can reach their desired audiences on digital platforms locally or nationwide based on consumer demographics, purchase behavior, financial profile, interests, online browsing behavior, location intelligence and much more.

“Our partnership with is a natural fit that not only expands our omnichannel initiatives but, more importantly, enables our clients to achieve greater returns on each media dollar spent,” said DeKraker.

Through, advertisers can access high quality CTV inventory from publishers including A&E, Hulu, CBS Interactive, Discovery, HGTV, History, Lifetime, Pluto TV, TLC Travel Channel and many more.

About is a leading provider of workflow software and programmatic advertising solutions, serving over 1,400 agencies, advertisers, and media buying organizations. Our solutions enable our customers to perform more effectively and efficiently, and to maximize ROI on their advertising spend across CTV, mobile, display, and other media types. Our platform delivers performance on budgets of all sizes, executing over 120,000 campaigns for 30,000 advertisers in a typical month.

About CoreMedia

CoreMedia Systems is the industry leader in providing direct and brand response analytics, attribution and media management software to advertising agencies and marketers. These companies use CoreMedia’s response analytics to enable informed planning and buying decisions for linear TV, CTV, radio and print.