PremiumMedia360 and CoreMedia Partner – Automate Direct Response Ordering.

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First-of-its-kind integration and partnership brings automation solutions to the unique operational complexities of direct response.

New York, NY, DATE.  CoreMedia Systems, the developer of CoreDirect, the advertising industry’s most widely used performance management software, and PremiumMedia360, the advertising data automation company, have formed a new partnership that enables direct response agencies to automate seller interactions across broadcast media. The partnership will create the first at-scale automation of its kind available from within media agency management software.

The partnership integrates CoreDirect with PremiumMedia360’s CLIR suite of products that automate data transmission and reconciliation. In the partnership’s first phase – now live – CoreDirect is integrated with PremiumMedia360’s CLIR Logs, enabling direct response buyers to automatically receive pre- and post-log files (critical records of  scheduled and actual ad airings) within the CoreDirect system.

The partnership serves to solve longstanding operational hurdles facing agencies that specialize in direct response—a procedurally complex field which is often “last-minute” by design, and involves frequent order revisions. Compounding these complexities are myriad manual processes that increase the chance of bottlenecks and lost information, and that also pose challenges to working across new format standards including TIP. Because PremiumMedia360 sits between agency systems and sellers to immediately “translate” data agnostically across formats, it is uniquely positioned to resolve these issues.

“CoreMedia is in the business of maximizing efficiency and data accessibility for direct response agencies,” said Kevin Gaffney, EVP, Product Strategy for CoreMedia. “This partnership aligns completely with that goal, and PremiumMedia360, a company straddling both buy and sell sides of the industry, is the perfect partner to help us push that vision forward.”

Added Cordie De Pascale, Chief Strategy Officer of PremiumMedia360: “As a former direct response buyer, I know firsthand the burdens and costs direct agencies face as they manually manage interactions across scores of media partners and buys. We are thrilled to work with CoreMedia to automate those interactions, unleashing enormous potential for direct agencies and their teams alike.”


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CoreMedia Systems, Inc., develops and supports CoreDirect, the industry’s most widely used performance media management software. The system is used by more than 130 direct response agencies and marketers to plan, buy, manage, measure and optimize performance-based media campaigns. For more information visit


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PremiumMedia360 helps media agencies and sellers buy, sell, and partner more effectively—by letting them take control of the data that guides their interactions. Its reporting and collaboration tools dramatically  reduce the time and resources it takes to understand where campaigns stand—from order to invoice—and readies media companies to conduct business across new formats and standards such as TIP. The result: airings records stop being bottlenecks, and start being the source of business insight they should be. Learn more at