CoreMedia Systems Launches Client Web Portal

CoreMedia Systems Launches Client Web Portal

Affords 24/7 Access to Online Training Materials

Fairfield, NJ, February 12, 2010— Direct response leader CoreMedia Systems Inc. has debuted a Web-based client portal with home pages customized for each of its more than 125 clients and 2,200 users, providing 24/7 access to software updates, training material and other tools.

When CoreMedia clients log in at they are delivered to a custom home page managed by their CoreMedia account executive. They can then access a wealth of information about the company’s various direct response solutions, rendered in downloadable PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and instructional videos. Clients also find news about upcoming events, Webinars and a full library of training resources.

An example of one of the training aids residing on the portal is an eight-page PDF and 10-minute video explaining the setup process and functionality of CoreMedia’s hands-free integration with Google TV Ads.

Among the features found in the Learning Center of the client portal are:

• A tutorial on modules within CoreDirect, including detailed explanations of Buy Management, Traffic, Response Sourcing and Reporting

• An extensive section on Ratings Management, including a primer titled Ratings 101

• An overview of CoreDirect Competitive, which enables CoreMedia clients to compare their airings data with that of their competitors

“The goal of the portal is to deliver training assets that enable clients to expand their knowledge of Core products and, in turn, to help them adapt the software and database to their advertiser clients,” said Lindsay Schaubman, Director of Client Services for CoreMedia Systems. “Our software is constantly evolving, and this is a great way for our clients to stay up to date at their convenience. The portal supplements our on-site and Web-based training, allowing clients to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule and without expense.”

Based in Fairfield, N.J., COREMedia Systems Inc. was founded in 1992. The company develops and supports CoreDirect, the most widely used technology in America for the planning, purchasing and analysis of direct-response television commercials.

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