CoreMedia and Dial800 To Integrate Call Data

Dial800 Partnership Will Provide Uniform Reporting From Multiple Call Centers

Los Angeles, CA, January 29, 2013 – CoreMedia Systems and Dial800 have announced a partnership that will enable Dial800’s call tracking platform, CallView360°, to integrate seamlessly with CoreDirect, the most widely used direct response media buy and response management software.

For the first time, marketers and their agencies can now receive uniform data from multiple call centers with ease and automation. “We are excited about Dial800’s enhancements to CallView360° which will benefit our agencies and marketers by giving them access to call date, time and duration data so they can customize response codes,” said Glenn DeKraker, CEO of CoreMedia Systems. “CallView delivers the data in a format that CoreDirect can read and process completely hands free, with no manual inputs required.”

“In the past, call centers would report results differently, and the time and hassle to export data from a new telemarketer could be a real drain on resources,” remarked Dial800 CEO Scott Richards. “This technology eliminates data disparity and levels the playing field so that results can be evaluated with the utmost accuracy.” Set-up can be completed in a matter of minutes, and is designed to allow data from all channel partners on the platform to flow seamlessly into CoreDirect to save both time and money.

The companies will be demonstrating the new technology at upcoming trade events including ERA’s Great Ideas Summit and the Response Expo.

About CoreMedia Systems: CoreMedia Systems, Inc. develops and supports CoreDirect, the industry’s most widely used direct response media management software. The system is used by more than 100 direct response agencies and marketers to plan, buy, manage, measure and optimize direct response media campaigns. Corporate website:

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About Dial800: For over 20 years, Dial800 has empowered direct marketers and agencies with powerful tools that optimize conversion and sales. Using the Dial800 toolset, they gain unparalleled insight into call volumes, buyer demographics, even the ability to listen to their calls. Dial800 makes complex call routing simple and nimble and can show marketers how to turn memorable toll-free numbers into unforgettable sales. Corporate website:

Scott Richards at 1-800-DIAL-800

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