Developed and used by direct response media professionals, CoreDirect® serves more than 130 clients in North America. Nine out of ten DR media agencies and DRTV media buyers that use syndicated analysis software depend on CoreDirect®.

CoreDirect® blends your media buy with ratings, airings and sales results to instantly analyze marketing performance and ROI. It delivers results for short form and long form DRTV advertising, Radio and Print to measure lead generation, orders, upsell and per-inquiry. The system effortlessly connects with every major data source that DR agencies use, including ratings, broadcast verification, call center and web server results and competitive intelligence. DRTV spot airings are electronically sourced and analysis reports are completely automatic.

CoreDirect® complements your current workflow and the systems you use now. It integrates with your other systems including media buying, advertising and accounting, eliminating duplicate data entry and speeding results.

​CoreDirect® evaporates paperwork. It manages all media insertions, station traffic, dub house, telemarketing and commercial verification information. You’ll never again have to look through piles of paper to find a confirmation date or phone number.  On a single screen you can see spots and dollars booked, cleared spots and dollars, plus cost per order and more. View buylines and responses for every station and week you select.  Response data are electronically sourced – from call centers, web sites, fulfillment houses and verification services. Data imports run on a scheduler that can process overnight and be ready for you in the morning.

​Presentations and custom reports for your most challenging client are easy with built-in graphics and a highly flexible report writer, with the added convenience of exports to Excel® Word® and PowerPoint®. Reports can run on a scheduler that works while you sleep. Integrated mapping software and zip code/area code data interact with your buy data to quickly highlight geographical opportunities. With a few clicks you can drill down to pinpoint responses to a DMA or County level. It is easy to measure your marketing success and see how every spot or insertion performed.