CoreMedia Scheduler

Google Analytics Integration

Core Media Scheduler

Core Media’s Scheduler caters to users which require to measure website traffic and generate reports on a fixed schedule. In this application we give option to user to specify the ftp location where application needs to upload the csv file generated with google analytics data.


Users will need to configure Google Analytics for their web site, and enable this third-party application to have access to their data. All security needs are managed within the application, including storage of a token on the Client level, and stored safely.

Mapping Metrics to Custom Codes

There are two main data types available via the Google API: Dimensions and Metrics. Dimensions are standard data attributes that will be used by all clients. Metrics are qualifications of the types of data available for capture and reporting:

  • Dimensions to be included in the export are Date, Hour, Minute, Latitude, and Longitude.
  • Metrics include things like Users, New Users, Page Views, Unique Page Views, Hits, and Goal Conversion.
  • The user can determine what metrics they want to include in the export, those metrics get mapped to custom codes mentioned in the application. For example, if user wants to export “New Users” and “Page Views” from Google Analytics together, they can set same custom code for it and data gets aggregated in the export which is generated on schedule.

Data Retrieval

The API call is scheduled to either run at a specific time each day (Run every day at 4am and pull all data available since the last time the export was run) or continuously (Run every 15 minutes and pull all data available since the last time the export was run). Data is output to the CoreDirect URL Import File in CSV format.

Data Privacy

We do not store the google analytics data we get from the websites added to the application. The application connects to google analytics via API at the scheduled time using the access token used while logging in the application. Then it generates the data with custom codes entered in application and uploads it to the user’s ftp. During this process no analytics data is stored in our server.

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