About CoreMedia Systems

What we do

Develop software systems to Buy, Manage, Analyze and Optimize Direct Response media.

CoreDirect is used by direct response media planners and buyers to buy TV, Radio and Print. Results from call centers and web servers are automatically processed and buyers use overnight response analytics to optimize tomorrow’s performance. They know at-a-glance which station, which daypart, which spot or which creative is performing best.

CoreDirect integrates with the data and systems our clients use through an extensive network of strategic partners.

Who we serve

Direct response agencies and marketers that include a call to action in their advertising and brand agencies that want to measure their marketing performance and ROI. Our clients place more than $10 Billion in direct response media annually.

Who we are

A media software company that works with the same sense of urgency as the market we serve. Our Direct Response media management software is the product of 30 years of media software development experience in partnership with leading DR agencies and marketers. Today, CoreDirect is used by nine out of ten DR agencies that use syndicated software.

Our software is developed by engineers that understand technology and how our clients can succeed with it. Our service and support staff is deeply knowledgeable, responsive and understands how every client works. Our sales staff doesn’t sell products, they apply solutions. The benchmark of our performance is the success of our clients.