CoreMedia and PremiumMedia360 Partner to Automate Direct Response Ordering

CoreMedia and PremiumMedia360 Partner to Automate Direct Response Ordering

In a first for the Direct Response space, new offering creates streamlined ordering from agencies to bring DR ordering on par with general advertising capabilities. Offering builds on the two companies’ existing partnership.


CoreMedia Systems, the developer of CoreDirect, the advertising industry’s most widely used performance management software, and PremiumMedia360, the advertising data automation company, today announced a new integrated offering that resolves significant roadblocks that direct marketers face in managing media orders. Through the offering, direct response marketers can now automatically deliver media orders from CoreDirect software to networks – eliminating the need to email orders and confirm receipt, while providing insight into order status. The offering builds upon the partnership between CoreDirect and PremiumMedia360 announced earlier this year. In that partnership’s first phase, the companies enabled direct response buyers to automatically receive pre- and post-log files (critical records of scheduled and actual ad airings) within CoreDirect.

While similar electronic ordering solutions have been widely available for years on the general advertising side, CoreMedia’s and PM360’s latest offering is a first for the direct response space. Typically, direct marketers send orders to sellers via email with a PDF attached; sales teams must then copy the information into their own sell-side systems. This manual data entry is prone to bottlenecks and errors, leading to lost orders and ads not run according to schedule. Those data gaps and unreliability issues are particularly concerning to performance marketers, whose field is marked by demands of heavy ad loads, fast turnaround, and clear accountability.

CoreMedia’s and PremiumMedia360’s new joint offering solves these problems by creating a direct bridge from CoreDirect to any sell-side TV advertising system. Through this solution, marketers can send orders directly from within the CoreDirect system of record–no need to send orders via email—and networks can eliminate the manual processing of orders.

“Direct Response advertising relies on accurate, fast, and dependable data—requirements that turn the already-complex DR ordering into a major challenge for agencies and networks alike,” explained Kevin Gaffney, EVP, Product Strategy for CoreMedia. “By connecting across buy and sell systems, CoreMedia and PremiumMedia360 are able to provide agencies with a whole new level of efficiency, accountability and reliability. We’re providing a more efficient flow of data, which is good for advertisers and sellers alike.”

“With the fresh focus across all advertising on data management and accountability, direct response marketing is more crucial now than ever,” added Cordie De Pascale, Chief Strategy Officer of PremiumMedia360. “Because of that renewed importance, now is the time to solve the ‘last mile’ roadblocks direct response teams face – so the field can continue to flourish in TV advertising’s new era. Our companies are proud to offer that new solution.”


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